7/19/2011 :: Minister of Finance emphasized on the importance of the role played by employees of the General Budget Affairs

His Excellency Mustafa Jassim Al-Shamali, the Minister of Finance, emphasized on the importance of the role played by employees of the General Budget Affairs, pertaining to the timely preparation of the draft State Budget.

At a press conference, after meeting with employees working of the General Budget Affairs, his Excellency also stated that the sector of State Budgets is one of the most important interfaces work done by the Ministry of Finance, and his Excellency went on to express his appreciation to the efforts made by the employees, adding that "observations" incorporated and raised in the report by the Committee in Parliament, received prompt and timely attention highlighting the dedicated execution of job by employees in the General Budget Affairs.

His Excellency, expressed that such observations would not reflect negatively but positively on the employees, and wished them to continue in their outstanding performance. Furthermore, his Excellency Khalifa Hamada, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, spoke highly of the efforts of the employees of General Budget Affairs, and their keen and dedicated interest in their job, prompting them to work overtime in order to meet the need of the questions raised in 'observations' and to respond in a timely and appropriate manner.

His Excellency Mr.

Hamada, also added that the employees' commitment to their job, positively reflected the ability of the Ministry of Finance to carry out its obligations and role in the State of Kuwait. His Excellency Mr. Hamada, looked forward to further develop and enhance the work of this sector towards higher satisfaction in achieving the objectives of the role of the Ministry of Finance and its sectors.